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First Specialty

First Specialty: Energy & Environment

IPNS offers innovative teaching system, allowing undergraduate students to possess two fields of knowledge as their dual specialties. In the first specialty, the courses mainly focus on energy and environment field including the basic knowledge on energy engineering or environment chemical. Besides, students are required to take advanced courses on low carbon energy and sustainable environment (15 credits) to complete full training. Altogether students should complete 36-37 credits in their first specialty and 59 credits of basic courses requested by NTHU.

A Series of Courses Provided by IPNS


。Choose at least two course from Principles of Nuclear Engineering, Principles and Applications of Fuel Cells, Introduction to Solar Cells, Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Science and Engineering.
。Choose one field in energy engineer or environment chemical to fulfill 15 credits in basic courses.

Energy Engineer

。Fluid mechanics I

。Heat transfer

。Radiation Safety

。Nuclear Power Reactor Safety

。Nuclear Power System

。Radiation Detection & Measurement

。Radiation Detection & Measurement Laboratory

。Introduction to Hydrogen Energy Technology

。Advanced Solar Cells

。Solar Cell Laboratory and Project Study

。Principles of Electrochemistry


。Heat Transfer Laboratory

。Corrosion Engineering Surface Science

Environment  Chemical

。Organic Chemistry(II)

。Physical Chemistry(II)

。Analytical Chemistry(II)


。Environmental Analytical Chemistry


。Biomedical Epidemiology and Environmental Toxicology

。Technology of Catalysis Hydrogen Generation

。Air quality characterization

。Waste Management and Treatment

。Molecular Spectroscopy

。Environmental Nano-science

。Bioconjugated Chemistry

。Surface Analysis Techniques